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Austine Comarow


Local artist and Las Vegas resident can walk today and now can do almost anything she did before. Just a year ago she feared retirement from her well-known work, or worse being wheelchair bound as she could barely walk 100 yards before having to sit down.

She attributes her recovery to physical training with the correct exercises and a certified personal trainer.
Austine Wood-Comarow inventor of Polage art, (paintings in polarized light) and a youthful 65 year old grand-mother with works commissioned by museums and science centers, suffered for some time from inflammation and degenerative spine problems and neared spine surgery. Pain relieving injections only worked for a week. Pain killers caused negative side effects.
Boulder City family physician Robert Kessler worked with Comarow giving her special exercises and stretches to help relieve the pain, but she found it hard to believe they would work. It seemed increasingly likely that spinal surgeon would be the only alternative.
“Dr. Kessler helped a lot,” said the artist. “But it was hard to be consistent about the exercises on my own, and I was never sure if I was doing them right.” Kessler recommended Comarow find a good physical trainer to work with.

Soon after Comarow saw a notice about a seminar offered by a group of spinal surgeons from Cedar Sinai Hospital. “Every specialist said the same thing: ‘Don’t have back surgery unless you have tried everything else first,’” explained Comarow.
The surgeons said that most people who have back surgery require numerous additional surgeries because when you fix one part of the spine it puts additional stress on the remaining parts. “So I decided to focus on making my body stronger and not let it defeat me.”
A staggering 65 percent of individuals polled in an independent national survey of Americans conducted by North American Spine Society (NASS) stated they experience back pain at least once per month or even several times per month. In fact one out of three people say they experience back pain every day or nearly every day.
NASS members help thousands of patients manage and alleviate back pain and spine conditions each and every day and advocates a multidisciplinary program for spinal health. Programs including treatment such as physical therapy, medications, aerobic exercise and education in body mechanics/ergonomics should be individualized for each person’s particular condition and functional and exercise goals.

Then Austine met Ciro Agnelli, owner of Total Body Performance in Henderson. Agnelli is a certified health fitness trainer and sports coach with over 15 years experience. His training programs were just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.
“I had been going to the gym on my own, but I was probably making things worse,” says Comarow. “Ciro changed everything.”
By focusing on Austine’s core muscles - the muscles that support her spine, they were able to gradually build her strength and alleviate her pain. “She came to me ready to have surgery. But together we worked hard and now she is almost as good as new,” shared Agnelli.
“Ciro saved my life,” Comarow beamed. “It took over 6 months of work. I was often discouraged, but he encouraged me and kept me interested and focused. Gradually I could feel myself getting stronger. Now I can do almost everything I did before, except maybe run marathons.” Comarow says she can walk and bicycle unlimited distances without taking so much as a single aspirin, and she often works 18 hour days in her art studio.
“It took almost a year of gradually improving my core muscles, but now I am addicted to the exercise and go to the gym every day,” says Comarow.
Austine is a prime example of how understanding and working with the inter-related processes and structures in the human body can solve some of the most difficult physical problems attested Agnelli.
Agnelli opened his intimate health and fitness training studio in 2005 after working for a major fitness center chain. “I wanted to be able to focus one-on-one with my clients to deal with their whole bodies, not just pump iron or do sit ups,” says Agnelli. “So I opened Total Body Performance with the philosophy of improving health and fitness by implementing programs that focus on individual clients.” The 36 year old trainer explains that each client has his or her own needs limitations and goals, and that his approach is to educate and coach them to improve both their bodies and lifestyles in a holistic way. Agnelli is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Performance Enhancement Specialist who has trained both elite athletes and couch potatoes.
“Health and fitness is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all enterprise,” said Agnelli. “Each person has his or her own physical issues, motivations and desires. I tailor my training and instruction to each person, whether they are a professional athlete or retired school teacher. My studio is not a place just to build muscles; it is to learn how to make your whole life better through proper physical exercise and lifestyle, not just lifting heavy weights.”
About Total Body Performance
“The goal of the fitness professionals at Total Body performance is to provide the best fitness services possible, by teaching, educating and coaching our clients on the latest techniques they need to reach their goals and improve their health and lives!" Founder and Manager of Total Body Performance, Ciro is the Master Trainer, with over 15 years of experience teaching, coaching and educating people on how to improve their lives. He is also in charge of training and development of his team. Total Body Performance studio is located at 11135 S Eastern Ave, Suite160 in Henderson, behind the Tuscany Grill and may be reached at 702-259-2639 or may be reached at

About Austine Wood-Comarow
Austine Wood Comarow invented Polage art and has been creating it since 1967. Born in Kentucky and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, the daughter of a high United Nations official attended the International School of Geneva, and then Swarthmore College and Indiana University. She developed the medium of Polage in 1967 and had her first major show in the Museo de Belles Artes in Santiago, Chile, in 1973. Polage consists of layers of clear cellulose sandwiched between two polarizing filters. Polarizing filter is used in polarized sunglasses, polarizing filters for camera lenses and in liquid crystal displays. Polage is a medium for the 21st Century: stained glass meets the video screen. Comarow’s work is collected by individuals for homes and offices as well as commissioned for public spaces by Museums and Science Centers. Comarow may be reached through her web site:
What is Austine up to?


2010 - She ran the Las Vegas Half Marathon. Her words:


"Thank you Ciro! Six years+ of your excellent training & coaching have really paid off for this 1942 model body!
I feel GREAT!"